En el aire

Estoy con ANA. En unas horas habré aterrizado en Tailandia. Después vendrán Malasia, Singapur y Brunei. Por último, deshacer el camino y volver a japolandia. Pero de momento lo mejor no es tener vacaciones (porque si me quedo son a la japonesa, es decir, que de vacaciones sólo tienen el nombre), sino que desconecto de todo y cambio a los japoneses por Arturo.

Si tengo tiempo, os contaré algo durante el viaje. Aunque he programado un par de entradas breves para no dejar esto desierto por tanto tiempo.

¡Hasta luego!

Odaiba, again

This is going to be a post in English. I know most of my readers can understand pretty well English, so I think is not gonna be a problem if just for today, just for one post, I change the language. Moreover It includes some photos, so you’ll not be bored even if you can’t understand. Ah, and sorry in advance for the miskates i’m going to make.

The reason of writting in English is to dedicate this post to Michael Chien, a United States student that came to Japan for two months to research with the expedition called nanoJapan. During last days he regretted not being able to read my posts, because he can guess what I am writing about, but not fully understand it (and I will not give more details). The point is that today’s was last day both he and me will be in Japan, therefore is a farewell. There was not farewell party, nomikai, or whatever event with the word “fiesta” in any language, but just a visit to Odaiba, and what’s better, a conversation in the park until midnight. But I’m only going to tell about Odaiba.

I will never get tired to say that I love Odaiba. It’s a wonderful artificial island in Tokyo bay with so many interesting things to see, to discover. Here you won’t find salary-men going back home, or scholars with their uniform. Just normal people, lot of normal people that know how to enjoy a non-holiday (that point is important since we are in Japan) tuesday afternoon.

There are some stuff you only can see in Japan. And I’m not talking about dogs wearing short skirts or round-year dressed girls (maybe you think I misplace some words, maybe I did, maybe not). Imagine a popular anime serial about robots, machines, or whatever thing like that. Imagine to celebrate 30th anniversary by making a high-detailed figure. Imagine this figure is real size, no matter it’s 30 meter high. They can build it up. Here is:



And it moves!. Jus slightly, only the head, but also it throws smoke. Hundreds of japanese impressed in front of it (or i should say he?). I have not special interest in the figure, but it’s a must. However, you can have lot of fun viewing the japanese taking photos with their cell phone and getting really impressed by any light that switches on.

Fotografiando a Gundam

We were there for almost an hour. Finally, Gundam was like our adoptive father, taking care of us while enjoying a walk around Odaiba.

Gundam Papá

Of course there where small shops around it selling food. Some of us toke a fried potato. One full fried potato, cut in a strange way. I chose a milk ice cream filled with condensed milk. Delicious.

Patatas en espiral

Weather was hot and humid (as usual in summer) so, even after the ice cream, I decided to refresh myself in a fountain. It’s not deep so waterproof boots worked well. I tried to protect myself against water, but as expected (and desired) I got refreshed :).

Protegiéndome del agua

After a few jumps in the fountain we went up to a pyramid. I do not why there’s a pyramid there, it’s one more unreasoned thing of Odaiba, and that’s what I like of it, that you don’t need to think about reasons of things, they simply are there.

Pequeña pirámide

When’s gonna be next time I go there?. I don’t know. I only sure that every one of you that finally decide to visit me will have a tour around this island. Cause it worth.